Another Must-Have Top This Season: The Statement Sweat

McCall's M6992 sweatshirt pattern is chic and easy to make.

“Statement sweats have proved their staying power,” says Ruth La Ferla writing for the New York Times this week. Um, yeah, they’re everywhere! I thought the fancy sweatshirt trend, which debuted two years ago on the runways, would have died out by now but I was wrong.

And I’m glad I was wrong because we have a super-cute statement sweat pattern! McCall’s M6992 is the perfect platform to go creative and make your own fancy sweatshirt. I’ve put together some looks here to get you thinking about your future snazzy sweat:

1. Go elegant: Look for luxe fabrics. Remember you only need a small piece if you make the rest of your sweat from a basic fabric. Or, add an inset like the collar and bib of a tuxedo shirt. Fancy-schmancy!
Inspiration for statement sweats using pattern M6992
2. Add embellishments: We love how Stella McCartney adorned her basic sweat with zipper tape—so cool! You can also sew on some of those jewels in your sewing drawer (you know they’re there), or you can go wild with your random pieces of leftover trim (also cluttering up your sewing drawers).
Inspiration: Add embellishment to your sweat.
3. Make a refined-casual statement: You can keep your sweatshirt relaxed but a cut above the ordinary by using prints with solids. Or have some fun and expose your shoulders. (Remember what Donna Karan said about shoulders: “It is the one place I guarantee that will never show a wrinkle, never gets fat.”)
Inspiration for sweatshirts using McCall's M6992
Did I succeed in inspiring you to make your own statement sweat with M6992?! If so, show us what you make by pinning it to our Pinterest fan gallery.

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McCall Pattern Company Fall Into Fashion Pinterest Contest 2014
Congratulations to Sasha Sinclair, the winner of our Fall Into Fashion Pinterest contest! It was tough to choose just one winner, because we received so many fabulous entries, but our judges felt Sasha really took our call to “show us what inspires you” to heart. Check out her winning board here, and look for more social media contests to come.

V1419 Sewalong update: Did everyone see Lauren’s fabulous post on fabrics to consider? This weekend I’ll be stitching up my second muslin (first one was too small) and writing a blog post about it that hopefully will go live on Monday. Feel free to start working on your own muslins now…I almost think it’s better to get your muslin done before you decide on fabric, just because I think it will help you narrow down what kind of fabric you ultimately want. At any rate, have a great weekend!

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  1. I have this pattern in my warm but not hot hands. I can do multiple versions of scalloped lace top, but the metallic quilt one has really caught my brown eye. That just yelps Christmas, and I want one sweatshirt ready and willing come December. I’d dig a bibbed sweatshirt, just because. Could be a fun way to use up some vintage cotton. Or salvage a RTW blouse that has sleeves or hems that have seen been better days.

  2. Who would have thought a sweatshirt could be so stylish? Love all of your ideas.

  3. That runway review about designer sweats in the NYT was the biggest spit take I’ve done all year. Almost as funny as the normcore piece in the WSJ.

    Wait, you’re serious? Naaaaaaaah.

  4. Love this pattern- can’t wait to sew it up!

  5. I organized some of my stash left-overs on Sunday to make this top. I love the problem solving of coming with fabric scraps that look good together, and then, of course, going to the fabric shop to buy more fabric just so everything is coordinated! It’s the only way to sew, use scraps and buy more fabric to complete your project.

  6. I made up this pattern and posted it on Instagram. It’s not great on me. But, I think I just need to adjust the proportions a little bit.

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