The V1419 Sewalong

Vogue Patterns V1419 Ralph Rucci coat pattern sewalong
Announcing our first sewalong!

We’re going to use V1419, the gorgeous Ralph Rucci coat, as our first sewalong. You asked for something a little more challenging, and this pattern was the one most suggested by you as a sewalong candidate. It’s also one of our current bestselling patterns.

Co-hosting this sewalong with us is blogger Lauren of Lladybird. The minute I found out she was planning on making this coat I coerced her into sharing the sewalong duties with me. (Having co-hosted a sewalong and participated in sewalongs myself, I know they’re a lot of work to organize and post about. It’s nice to have someone to split the postings with.)

First things first: The pattern V1419 is on sale today for $5.99 (9/17 through Friday 9/19), so orders yours now. Then start thinking about fabric: We’ll go into more detail soon about what types of fabric to look for, but I’d send for swatches now if you can. The original Rucci fabric is a heavy gabardine that’s bonded to something like a wool flannel—a techno fabric, in essence. You want a fabric with a stiff drape, firm weave, and one that doesn’t need to be lined. Visit Lauren’s blog for info on a fabric discount she scored for sewalong participants.

Next week I’ll post more info about blogger badges, Pinterest boards, Flickr groups, hashtags, etc. Here’s a projected timeline for the sewalong:

9/17/2014   Announce sewalong; buy patterns.
9/22/2014   Social media: hashtags, Flickr, Pinterest, blogger badges
9/29/2014   Buying your fabric
10/6/2014   Making the muslin
10/13/2014  Prep work: cutting your fabric; marking your pattern pieces; underlining (if applicable); creating bias binding; reinforcing and staystitching (Steps 1-3 and step 35)
10/20/2014   Attaching gusset, binding, belt & side seams (steps 4-22)
10/27/2014   Sleeves & Back (steps 23-50)
11/3/2014   Pockets (steps 51-63)
11/10/2014  Facing, button holes, buttons, and hem (steps 64-86)
11/17/2014  Parade of coats!

We are so excited to host this sewalong! Leave us a comment here and let us know if you’ll be joining us. Thanks!

We’ve been sewing since 1863.

  1. I am in!
    I already have the perfectr fabric for it, and I need some motivation to start such a big project. If it only were colder!!!

  2. I am in!!!

  3. I’m in! I have a beautiful red cashmere that I’m dying to use!

  4. Hello, I have this pattern since two weeks but I never saw a Vogue one so, I’m lost.
    If to be in , can help me to understand how to sew a such pattern with the right size and the seam allowances included , I will be happy to join you and make this pattern step by step with you. It will training me to realise the V1281 by my own later. ;o)
    I live in France .

  5. I have my fabric and I’m already muslining! I’m in.

  6. Have this Ralph Rucci pattern. Also, the original was on display at McCalls Pattern Company, NY,NY – ASG Tour – May, 2014.

    The garment is fabulous, everyone loved it!!

    Have fabric from NY garment district – ready to go.

  7. I have the fabric the pattern and the desire,can’t wait! This is so exciting

  8. I know you’re going to discuss fabric later but can you give any ideas sooner so that we can purchase in time. Would other choices work besides gabardine, say a medium weight melton? I live in the boonies and will have to order my fabric. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kim! I think a medium-weight melton would work, but are you going to line it? The interior of this coat is meant to be nearly as beautiful as the exterior. The ideal fabric has a stiff drape.

  9. I have a few fabrics in my stash that are suitable. I”m in!

  10. I’m in! Scared, but in!

  11. I’m in. I have always wanted to make a coat!

  12. YEEEEESSSSS! I’m so in!

  13. Very cool coat! This would be my first big project! But this coat is fly and a must have! So im in!

  14. Perfect timing, I bought this pattern recently.

  15. Exciting! I’m keen.

  16. I am in like Flynn! I hope people will be posting what fabrics they are using and where bought – there’s nothing like adding to my ginormous stash!

  17. I’m in! I just ordered my pattern online and hoping delivery won’t take too long from U.S to AUS. Not sure of fabric choice yet, have quite a stash but knowing Murphy’s Law, nothing is appropriate…

  18. totally in! an “advanced” pattern! yay! 🙂

  19. I would like to be in. But will this be something way out of my league for someone who has been only sewing for 2 years? Will there be videos?

    1. Hi Stacey! Not knowing you personally, this is a tough question to answer. You can go at our own pace, no need to keep up with the group. Probably the most difficult parts are the welt pocket and the buttonholes. But if you practice those first on scrap cloth, then they’re aren’t so hard. Do you have fit issues? Will you be able to sew a muslin first?

      1. I don’t usually have fit issues with Vogue patterns. But I have no experience with buttonholes or welt pockets. Do you mean make the muslin as I follow the sewalong?

        1. The first step in this sewalong is to make a muslin of the coat. Have you ever made a test garment first on cheap material, or have you always just plunged ahead and hope for the best? (Which is perfectly acceptable.)

          1. lol. Just plunged in. I know lazy seamstress. But it always turns out good.

          2. O.k. I’m in! Buying tbe pattern & muslin today. As a newbie, I’m scuuurrred. Lol. But looking forward to learning from the group & the experience. Thanks for doing this!

  20. I’m in! Aside from the Beetlejuice-esque blazed I made in 4H years ago, I’ve never attempted a jacket so I look forward to the support!

  21. I’m in! My pattern is on the way and I’ve started fabric shopping.

  22. My motto this year is “feel the fear and do it anyways”. I’m in! I’m picking up the pattern tonight . In my area JoAnn’s has Vogue patterns on sale through the weekend for $4.99.

    I would appreciate thoughts on using Upholstery fabric for the pattern. I purchased fabric for a $1 yd. from a business that makes office furniture. It would be a total score to be able to make a super cheap and chic coat.

    1. As long as it’s not too thick I would think upholstery fabric could work. Just test-sew a swatch of it first to make sure you like working with it, it makes nice seams, and it presses well.

      1. Awesome. No, it’s not too thick, but I’ll do a test before I officially start working with it.

  23. I’m in too! Apprehensive but in!

  24. I would love the challenge.

  25. I’m in! I fell in love with this coat the second I saw it. Have the pattern already, and have been debating between several different fabrics. This will be fun!

  26. I guess I’m officially in now, just picked up my pattern today! Have no idea what fabric to use, but I’m excited!

  27. Count me in. I bought my pattern already even before I knew anything about the sewalong. I am so excited.

  28. I’m in! This would be my second sewalong, I’m currently following the Bellini Blouse one over at CaptilChicpatterns and this is definitely advanced for me but I’m willing a ready to tackle it. Gotta get more muslin!

  29. I’m in too! I was sold on this pattern after you let Lladybird model the coat.

  30. I am in on this one! Purchased the pattern today. Am a little confused because garbadine and linen (two of the three fabrics proposed) don’t seem thick enough for a jacket, even a Fall jacket (at least where I live). I

  31. I’m all over it like white on rice. Sewing a coat has been on my bucket list for a while now. The pattern is purchased and ready to go. I’m thinking RED!

  32. I’m in I need a new coat.

  33. I LOVE Christina’s motto and agree!

    This is a beautiful garment and this sew along is the perfect ‘excuse’ to make it!

  34. I’m in!!! Completely nervous about it, but I NEED a new coat, and this is gorgeous, and I love the idea of a sewalong. Getting the pattern today. Between this coat (please don’t be a junker; please don’t be a junker) and the neoprene dress I’m tackling next, it’s going to be the Best. Sewing. Fall Ever.

  35. I’m in. Anyone have favorite fabric sources to share? Meg, you said something about sending for swatches . . . I’m totally out of the loop on apparel fabric (I’m a professional puppet builder, so I don’t usually buy apparel fabric. I’d like to dust off my garment sewing skills and join you on the sew along. But where do I look for places that would send me fabric swatches?

    1. Hi Candace! Most online fabric stores will let you order swatches before you buy. Some charge a nominal fee for this, others don’t charge at all. Definitely worth it.

  36. Simple minded question BUT on the itinerary (10/06 – making a muslin), does that mean the muslin should be started and done by 10/13 or we are all making the muslin together. Thanks

    1. Hi Christina! It just means that we will be writing about muslins on 10/6. You can wait for that post or get started on your own muslin. The schedule is meant to be go-at-your-own-pace.

  37. I’m in! EXCITED!!!

  38. I’ve never participated in a sewalong before. I’m quite excited. I’ve purchased the pattern £15!! Got the fabric and am good to go!

  39. Oooh!!!! Just found the most beautiful burgundy wool crepe at Hancock fabric. That should work well, right? Seems to be as stiff as the gabardine but with a bit more of a luxe feel and the color is just right

  40. Would it be so wrong to use a patterned for this coat?!! I have been looking at plain fabrics ALL WEEK! But a patterned one has just come to my attention and I rather like it. Not sure if it would look right though, or if I’m brave enough?
    Opinions would be much appreciated…. thanks!:)

  41. Hi Dawn! Sure, go ahead and use a print. Is it large- or small-scale? Will you need to match seams? I’m using a brocade with a small-scale print.

    1. Fairly small print and I am going to go for it so thank you Meg!! Having a few fit issues but Lladybird Lauren has been MOST helpful (thank you Lauren!!) I’m glad I started a muslin early as my pattern adaptation progress is slow… :/ But I WILL DO THIS lol 🙂

  42. My posts seem to have disappeared? I am troubled by which size to make. The finished pattern measurements printed on the pattern itself (8/10/12/14) are enormous. I know I should muslin, but what size??

    1. Hi Karen! Use the bust measurement on the pattern envelope to determine which size to make. So glad you’re making a muslin first! I’m on to muslin #2 myself.

  43. Okay…..I’m way behind! But after giving up on finding a fabric I loved and could afford, I finally landed a sale on a gorgeous white leopard wool. I also have a nice black taffeta and the buttons for the coat. With the holidays coming up I may be delayed in making my muslin. Better late than never. Any one else a slow poke like me?

    1. Hi Candace! No worries, just go at your own pace and enjoy the process. We’ll leave everything up for you.

      1. Thanks!

  44. Alas Candace, I was so disheartened by my muslin I wiped my tears with it and have not taken it out since.

    1. Oh, no, Missy. That stinks. Maybe someone here can help you figure out what to do. I’ve never made a muslin before, so I probably can’t be much help. But don’t cry—it’s just a muslin. That’s what they’re for. Hope you get it figured out. You’re still ahead of me!

  45. Please don’t delete any of this anytime soon. I’m currently doing the wrap dress sew along and I’m working my way up to this!

    1. It will be up as long as this blog is alive!

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