We’re On The Road!

The McCall Pattern Company will be at the 2014 Merican Sewing Expo, Booth 420.

Hey, who’s going to the American Sewing Expo in a couple of weeks? We’ll be there in booth 420 and we’d love to chat with you about patterns and sewing. We’re also hosting a whole bunch of sewing and fashion celebrities in our booth, including

  • new McCall’s designer Khaliah Ali
  • leading wedding and entertainment expert David Tutera (another new McCall’s designer)
  • Butterick designer Katherine Tilton
  • blogger and author Gretchen Hirsch (another Butterick designer)
  • Melissa Watson, McCall’s designer
  • Joi Mahon, new McCall’s designer

On Saturday (Sept. 27, 12:30 pm) we’re putting on a fashion show of Butterick, McCall’s and Vogue Patterns, which is a great way for you to see what our patterns look like in real life. Plus, we’ll be having an exciting raffle for bolts of David Tutera’s new fashion fabric at our show. (Must be present at the fashion show to participate and win.) We really hope you’ll be joining us at this year’s American Sewing Expo.

The McCall Pattern Company will be an exhibitor at 2014 NYC Comic Con.

We’ll be a little closer to home on October 10-13, when we’re at  NYC Comic Con as an exhibitor. You may be reading this thinking what the heck does this have to do with sewing patterns, but there’s a rapidly expanding audience of people now learning to sew just to make cosplay ensembles. And we have many patterns suitable for cosplay, so you get why we’d want to try exhibiting here. Staff members are busy sewing their costumes to wear as they man our booth.

Are you planning on being at either of these shows? Have you been to a sewing convention or cosplay meetup before? Tell us here what you think of them.


Scene from last year's American Sewing Expo show.
Scenes from last year’s American Sewing Expo show.


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  1. Comic-Con?! How fun!!!!! Looking forward to seeing your costume pics!

  2. Cosplay has been a part of my sewing career for years. It probably kept home sewing going for a long time (how many Dorothys have I sewn…..?) and it makes eversomuch sense for You Guys to have a presence there. Maybe a display of some of the licensed patterns of comic heroes over time – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Batman set at the very least. There will be a certain surprise factor (McVogue at a con’?) and don’t forget to have some blingy swag to hand out. Swag is key at a con’. My dream convention is where ComicCon and SewExpo happen at the same time.

  3. I’m so pleased to see you will be representing at the NYC Comicon. It’s time. I’m really glad to see how much community connection you are taking on as a business. I’m very impressed.

    Are you aware of the single sewing pattern competition that occurs annually at Norwescon (held in April near the SeaTac Airport)? You wanna see some mind blowing costumes? SciFi, Fantasy, you name it. Some of the costumers from the Seattle Opera came and gave a presentation on some really fascinating embellishment techniques. Serious costumers attend that show. And there’s a wonderful ball. I demo’d handspun yarn for dreadfalls there a few years back. Aiming to be there this year – the capacity? TBD.

    Another utterly fantastic show for costuming in Seattle is FaerieCon West (feb) or in Eugene is Fairyworlds (July). Nice part about FCW is that it’s held in the same hotel as Norwescon. There’s also Sakuracon and last, but far from least is Emerald City Comic Con. So many fun costume shows!

    1. Thanks for the fabulous comment, Gwen! I just spent a few minutes browsing through the Norwescon Flickr galleries and really enjoyed seeing all the amazing work on display. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for NYCC!

  4. Yes! I will be at the ASE, wearing my red Vogue dress!

  5. I’ll be at ASE, too! Looking forward to a great day of learning, shopping, and talking about my favorite subject all day (without my spouse’s eyes glazing over)!

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