Summer, Must You Go So Soon?


I know, we technically still have a few more days of summer left. But once we get past Labor Day here in the US and all the kiddos go back to school, it feels like another summer streaked past us before we even knew it was here. Sigh.

To cheer us up, let’s look at some photos—a mashup of #mancandymonday and #throwbackthursday. In 1978 we traveled to Antigua to shoot these photos for Vogue Patterns Magazine. Love it. Scroll down for more photos.

Miscellaneous stuff:

  • Been reading all your blog post comments as have many other members of the McCall’s team. You guys give helpful feedback; please keep it up.
  • Planning a Pinterest contest; details to come soon.
  • What do you think of the Ralph Rucci coat pattern (V1419) for a sewalong? There seems to be the most reader support for that pattern. If you want to sew a coat but not that particular pattern, check out a new Craftsy class that teaches you how to sew Vogue Patterns coat V9040.
  • Anyone going to the American Sewing Expo in September? We’ll be there in booth #420; please stop by and say hello!
  • We’re also sponsoring the Sewing Party on November 8. Read more about this cool sewing event here.
  • So glad you liked our Fall Collection video! Planning another one as we speak.

Spread from a 1978 Vogue Patterns Magazine issue

Spread from a 1978 Vogue Patterns Magazine issue

Spread from a 1978 Vogue Patterns Magazine issue

Spread from a 1978 Vogue Patterns Magazine issue

Have a great Labor Day weekend and here’s to a fantastic fall together!

We’ve been sewing since 1863.

  1. Rucci coat sewalong? I am *so* there!

  2. I would love a Ralph Rucci coat sewalong! That coat looks amazing, I love the way it fits and flares…

  3. A Ralph Rucci coat sewalong would be great!
    Your 1978 retrospect is fun, too.

  4. I would prefer to do the Ralph Rucci dress.

  5. I love the Ralph Rucci coat! But according to your figure flattery it wouldn’t look good on a rectangle. I disagree. Anything that fits and flares gives my rectangle shape balance and essence of waist. I think Vogue needs to revisit and revise their figure flattery charts. According to Vogue I look good in, well… not much.

    1. Hi Mimi! Good point. I’ll pass this on to the appropriate team.

  6. I agree… the Ralph Rucci coat is amazing and a sew along is the perfect things to tempt me to actually make it. I also have the Donna Karan coat pattern V1321 that would be a nice alternative since it also is unlined.

  7. I would love a sewalong for the Ralph Rucci coat! I notice that it is not lined; would it be possible to include instructions for lining it?

  8. Rucci coat all the way!!!! Love the 70’s throwback. Thanks.

  9. I love that red dress! Please re-issue #9778!

    1. Hi Katy,
      I agree I think all the vintage patterns featured should be reissued. My aunt made me the very easy vogue dress, (1638, I think) I shall have to ask her if she still has the pattern. Lovely styles , a real trip dowm memory lane, and so on trend today!

  10. V1419 only comes up to a size 22. Please be more inclusive in your 1st sew a long!! Find a pattern that at least goes to a 26/28. Or include instructions ‘re how to add inches to pattern. Better yet add plus sizes to these beautiful styles before you publish them! Take a look at the Curvy Sewing Collective. There are a lot of us out here!

  11. I’m going to the American Sewing Expo!!! Will you be there, Meg?

  12. Um YES YES YES!! And if any of y’all can wrap your head about a full arm and full bust adjustment on that coat I am in all the way.

  13. Would love the coat sewalong. Yes please!

  14. Loving the coat sew-along, now I may have to squeeze my sewing schedule to fit it in! And those ’78 patterns are amazing, I am such a sucker for dress patterns!

  15. Was looking at the new release patterns. What happened to the coat by Joi???
    That pattern was definitely on my wish list

  16. I vote for the Ralph Rucci dress. That coat is crazy awesome though

  17. I’d love the Ralph Rucci sew a long. I’ve bought the pattern and fabric. It looks complicated but I am up for the challenge. Mine will be dark brown roo!

  18. i would LOVE a sew-along for the rucci coat! especially if there was an opportunity to talk about fitting a garment with such interesting seaming and no darts or stylelines.

  19. What is the skill level needed to complete the Ralph Rucci coat?

    1. Angela, I would say intermediate level sewer could handle this. You don’t have to make bound buttonholes, for example, you could just do regular buttonholes. If you have a lot of upper body fit issues and you aren’t used to making adjustments, then this might be a little tough. But if you have patience and like to be meticulous, then you could tackle this pattern. It’s worth it!

  20. 1978. Vogue is so timeless. I would make any of these, especially 9798, my favorite.

  21. that last dress is a blast! those stripes…! beautiful.
    all those pics… I really dig them. 🙂

  22. I nominate that yellow dress at the beginning for a retro reproduction pattern!

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