Art-Teacher Chic: We’ve Got the Patterns For It

Rachel Comey Sparrow dress
Art-teacher chic: Rachel Comey Sparrow dress

Not too long ago ran a trend piece on what it calls “art-teacher chic.” We read it and thought, hmm, that’s the perfect way to describe the style of some of our patterns.

“Art-teacher chic—loose tunics, big ceramic necklaces, modest shoes—has become the go-to uniform for fashion-y women who are done with overdone.” —

Designers like Rachel Comey (a Vogue Patterns designer), Celine and Prada exemplify this easy, wearable style of dressing.

Celine fall_2014_look_11
Art-teacher chic: Celine top and pants, fall 2014
Art-teacher chic: Tsumori Chisato poncho, available at Bird

If you’re looking for art-teacher chic patterns, check out Lynn Mizono and Marcy Tilton for Vogue Patterns. Katherine Tilton nails the look for Butterick. For even more examples of patterns that exemplify this creative, relaxed style of dressing, check out our new Art-Teacher Chic Pinterest board.

Art Teacher chic Vogue Collage
Vogue Patterns art-teacher style. V1410 by Lynn Mizono is a current bestseller for us.
Art Teacher Chic Butterick Collage
Butterick patterns that meet the art-teacher chic criteria. Katherine Tilton’s B6101 top is another bestseller.

Is art-teacher chic your style? I just got back from a long weekend in Woodstock, NY, where this kind of dressing is de rigueur for women of all ages. Tell us more about your look by leaving a comment here. Thanks!

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  1. So THAT’S what to call the style I’ve been living in for the past 30 years! Not just “that weird stuff the church secretary wears.” Good to know.

    One winter day decades ago, as I walked into church the Sunday of the children’s Christmas pageant, I met a little girl and her mother who were visiting the church to see the play. The little girl looked me up and down in a calculating manner, then demanded to know, “And what exactly are YOU supposed to be?” To be fair to the child, I was swathed in a Issey Miyake cape-coat (Vogue 1476) in charcoal-grey woolen serge, my winter coat that year. It might have appeared just the teeniest bit Biblical. I just smiled and told her that I there to see the play, just like she was. (Her mother seemed less embarrassed at the brashness of her child’s question than enraged at me for dressing the way I did. I forgive her, now.)

  2. I like the comfortable, relaxed stylish fashions showcased above and I am absolutely THRILLED about the “modest” shoes!

  3. I can hardly wait to get hold of Katherine Tilton’s ‘art-teacher’ pattern B6101. I live in Australia and we have to wait until the next catalogue appears or pay through the nose for postage to order from the website. Love the look – very easy to wear.

  4. So sad to see that Khaliah Ali’s pattern size range has diminished since moving to McCalls. A lot of her patterns used to go up to size 32 and if not size 28. Such a loss for the larger ladies like myself. Once again we miss out. Even in the plus size category. Shame.

    1. Hi BeaJay! We are passing your comment along to our management team. FYI, Khalia pattern M7029 does go up to 32.

  5. Oh man that Rachel Comey sparrow dress is to die for! Will you be releasing more Rachel Comey patterns? She is my fave. I love to wear looser styles, especially short, loose dresses.

  6. I second the request for a Rachel Comey pattern more along these lines. I’ve loved all the RC patterns Vogue has released but they’ve tended more toward the fitted and party dress while I really love her boxy loose designs such as the Sparrow or Paloma. Also love her jump suits and seperates or basically anything she makes, swimsuit?

    1. Hi Jennifer! Your request (and Annabella’s) for more Rachel Comey boxy designs has been noted.

  7. Well done Mcall’s, by meeting the sewing community where we live online in the blog arena, has been a great move. And I love ‘art teacher’ type fashion, thought I have rarely seen an art teacher in these types of get ups. I love the B6101 and the V1410 and are on my to make list.

  8. This is exactly why I love sewing so much!
    Everyone can make the fashion she (or he) likes. This style is just not for me. It is too loose/wide/big. I am more a V1407/V1408/V1409 (Donna Karan/DKNY) kind of girl.

    By the way: great you have this blog!

  9. I first came across this term “art teacher outfits” on another blog and was totally put off by the negativity and scorn from the author. Having taught middle school science for 30 years, I can say with certainty that teachers generally wear what allows them to work comfortably for 10+ hours a day-if that means looser clothing with a dash of urban chic, so be it. Most teachers will not wear body conscious clothing when working with teenagers. Thanks for using a similar term in a positive and respectful light.

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