Video: McCall Pattern Company Fall ’14 Collections

We made a video and we’re so excited to share it with you! It features two members of our team—Carlos Correa, Vogue Patterns designer, and Rachel Banbury, marketing associate—talking about and showing what we consider some of the key patterns from our fall 2014 collections. You’ll see sample garments from Butterick, McCall’s and Vogue Patterns. These are the same pieces the models wear on the pattern envelopes.

Our goal with this video was to help inspire you as you plan your fall/winter sewing. Leave a comment and let us know what you think. And tell us what other types of videos you’d like to see us to create. Thanks!

We’ve been sewing since 1863.

  1. Thank you for this video! It makes a huge difference seeing the real garments instead of just pictures. Vogue Knitting makes wonderful videos of all the garments in their issues, and that’s one thing that I wish sewing pattern companies would do too! I absolutely love the blouse, it’s exactly what I need in my wardrobe. But I wouldn’t have realized that only looking at a picture 🙂 Great job!

  2. Enjoyed the video! Would love to see the designs on models of different body types and/or the different fabric ideas they suggested (part of dress in print, for example).

  3. What a brilliant video! Congrats BMV: so nice to get your insight and recommendations.

  4. I LOVE this video! It’s a great way to market patterns when you see what can be done with them. I also loved your choice in background music – my favorite! Well done, I look forward to more videos and I definitely have a list of patterns to pick up this week. Can’t wait!

  5. The idea is fantastic, I just can’t hear Carlos, there’s a sound problem…please keep doing these, though!

    1. Ann, did you try turning up the sound on your computer or device?

    2. Since I watch the video with headphones on I noticed that Carlos voice was only audible in the left ear and Rachel was audible on the right.

  6. Very nice. GREAT idea! I’m sure this will inspire others to sew more. I know I’m already making a wish list.

  7. I love the videos and for someone returning to sewing this is a real motivation. I must admit 95% of my patterns are MCCall’s so this is just great for me. I think you should keep doing these!

  8. Very nice, and helpful! I could hear them both fine. Appreciate all the interaction:)

  9. Great video! In particular I enjoyed Rachel’s ideas on using different fabrics.

  10. Love the video… what a great idea. It was nice to see how the the garment move versus just see a picture of them. Love their description of the garments and advice on how to wear them. Great Job!

  11. Wow! Awesome video.. I really enjoyed seeing each pattern made up AND hearing some different options… Keep up the great work McCalls! You guys are knocking it out of the ballpark with your social media these days. 😀 Makes me want to whip a few of these up right now!

  12. Wonderful! It makes us as seamstress feel that you value us as customers 🙂

  13. Wonderful video with great commentary! Great to see these patterns come to life with chat about the various fabrications used and others you might suggest. I will be sure to pass this video on to my many sewing students. Thanks for this treat!

  14. This is so great! I’ve been a sewing nerd for years, but this is a reminder of how cool it is. Thank you for acknowledging sewers who are interested in vintage sewing, modern sewing and both. Keep up the great social media work.

  15. Wonderful!!This is the way to show new patterns!

  16. I have s slight problem with you showing the inspiration/designer garment from which the pattern was developed rather than a garment actually made from the pattern. In theory the inspiration and made-from-pattern garments will be identical, but in actuality they may not. Not only do you derive the pattern from the original garment, you also derive the instructions from the original garment. If the pattern & instructions are incorrect in any way from the original, the resulting garment may not match the illustration.

  17. I love the idea of a video, however, I found this sort of uninspiring. I would much prefer to see the garments on a real person in a modified runway format with a little more enthusiastic commentary. What I have come to realize, is styling is half the battle in making a garment look rtw. Great idea, but take it a little further please!

  18. Great idea to do a video! I also think it would be great to see a modified runway format. The more we can see the garment on a real body the more inspiring it is. I also really liked that you talked about the design details as they are easy to miss when you just see a photo. Also great to hear other ideas for easy ways to change it up to get a completely different look. Thanks!

  19. I hope this is the first of *many* such videos. You need to do this for every collection release. It’s so helpful to see the details and fabrics up close. I’m getting a better idea of what would work well for each design. Congratulations on moving into the modern age.

  20. Thanks for making and posting this video, it really helps to personalise the pattern company. It’s nice to get to see the people behind some of the designs and get a feel for the garments off the page. Sometimes I think it would be really nice to see garments made in solids rather than prints, or even two versions – one of each, as often I feel like the design lines get lost and it can be hard to see the details. For example on the lovely vintage style dress in the sheer silk print. Anyway please keep up the videos and social media as I am enjoying reading about McCalls.

  21. Wonderful! Thank you so much for going to the effort involved in making this video. It truly has me thinking of making up a couple of the patterns that I previously glossed over. Again, wonderful!

  22. This was fantastic! I really hope that the company makes more videos like this in the future!

  23. I really enjoyed this video! I love seeing the garments in more detail, and your ideas about how else each pattern could be made up were really useful too. Now I just have to keep on waiting for the current release patterns to eventually arrive in Australia… takes FOREVER!

    1. Lara, I live in Sydney Australia and order them from the website when on sale. You then don’t have to wait for release here.

      The savings are unbelievable compared to the $cost of these patterns here and I consider $25 postage for 7 patterns a good deal.

    2. I can second Brenda’s recommendation of buying direct from the website for Australian shoppers, I have been ordering 3 at a time which costs $15 postage but the 7 for $25 is a much better deal.

      They have regular sales and notify via email .

  24. Great video. ….keep it up

  25. I like the video!

  26. I loved that video and hearing other fabric options. Thanks so much and off to watch it one more time.

  27. I would like to see more about the development process of the patterns, and maybe “meet” and learn about the makers! I think it would be wonderful for the McCalls company to have faces behind the name. I have seen too many bloggers disparage “the big 4” pattern companies because they are viewed as faceless corporate entities. Working in the professional sewing industry myself, I know how much work goes into making patterns, “indie” or not, so I try to empathize with those anonymous staffers who don’t have name recognition hand-in-hand with their work. Personally, I have enjoyed many of the new Vogue and McCalls pattern releases over the last several seasons, so please keep up the good work!

    1. Kristin, thanks for reminding me that we want to show more people behind-the-scenes here at the McCall Pattern Company. I really want to do some casual interviews with our designers…

      1. That’s a great idea!

        1. I like this idea too.

  28. Carlos–you have a great voice! Thank you both for doing this- very effective. Great job!

  29. Love this approach to presenting new designs. Step it up a bit as others have suggested and I see this as a very effective marketing tool. Especially loved the red dress by Palmer/ Pletsch but the commentary came across rather negative. I’ll still be including it in my fall sewing. Looks very figure friendly!

  30. Great concept!! Please run with this and keep them coming!!
    Great comments so far – definitely live models with variations of color/pattern from what is on the original garment and picture.
    Live models wearing garments made from the actual pattern!
    Each time please feature different body types, tall thin, plus size tall, med, plus size petites.
    The more patterns featured the better!
    The coat was lovely! Please feature tutorials of more complex garments like this, which would be appealing on a variety of body types. But patterns that we might need some help conquering.

    Love being able to give feedback!!

  31. Congratulations for the video.
    The clothes are wonderful.
    I’m in Brazil, but I am closely watching the launches.
    Lidia Reis

  32. Thanks for this wonderful video. So much fun!

  33. This was great being able to see the garments made up with other options offered.

  34. I agree with many of those posting replys, it would be awesome to see these garments not only in the fabrications used for the pattern covers, but also using some of the ideas from the hosts, maybe in different sizes and on models. I realize this is the first of (hopefully) many videos to be produced and I’m sure the format will evolve. I think we are all so starved for this kind of media that we want more, more, more!

  35. Really enjoyed the video. Just ordered the pattern for the blue jacket featured, cant wait to start it now that I see how well it makes up.

  36. Really enjoyed the video. Great seeing the inside of the garments. Great help to us sewers.
    Please do more. The optional information regarding fabric alternatives was a good idea.

  37. Thank you, a nice idea not only showing the garments and talking about alternative fabric options but also getting to know the people ‘behind the scenes’.

  38. Excellent! I enjoyed the video. I’ve already purchased McCall’s 6986 and Butterick 6106. These I will make sometime in the next few months.

  39. Thanks for the video. Was Rachel wearing a dress made from a pattern. Was hoping to get pattern and number. Thanks

  40. I love the video! Great job! Seeing the patterns worked up in fabrics and giving us suggestions on different looks is very helpful and helps me to think outside the box. I hope you continue these videos.

  41. The video is great ! I have put three new patterns on my wish list that I don’t think I would have chosen just from photos. Please keep this way of showing new collections coming !

  42. The clothing in the show were beautiful. However, I do not look right in either a round neckline or a deep V. Is that all you are showing for fall?

  43. What a great video! I’ll agree with the others who replied that the ideas for fabric variations and accessories are especially helpful. Great new pattern line-up!

  44. Oh I love the new video format!!! It was wonderful! Please keep them comming!!!

  45. Video was really entertaining!

  46. It’s very helpful to see the pattern on a person. I can get a feel of what they would look like on me, my favorite color with that design and what material that works best.

    Thank you so much!

  47. I missed this post last week! Glad I caught up. Yes, please continue with all these great videos and posts… this is wonderful. I enjoy the ideas the two share for alternative materials/colors/etc. for the garments. Seeing in the various posts and detailed images for all the garments photographed for the envelopes and catalogs makes such a difference for me. I can see the quality and potential for my projects.

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