So…A Sewalong?

sewalongs hosted by The McCall Pattern Company

Now that we’ve got this blog up and running, it’s time for us to get serious about hosting a sewalong. Help us get an idea of what kind of sewalong you want (or don’t want) by taking this brief survey below. You can also leave a comment here with any additional thoughts about sewalongs, or, suggest a pattern you think would work well for a sewalong. Thanks!

Please take our survey about sewalongs.


  • Garment most interested in sewing? Dress, followed by jacket, then top or pants. But all close.
  • Difficulty rating? 63% picked average
  • Brand preference? 68% said it didn’t matter as long as they liked the pattern
  • Likely to participate? 60% said yes to a sewalong in September or October
  • Participated in a sew along before? 65% said not yet

We’ve been sewing since 1863.

  1. A suggestion of pattern is hard. I think if you decide to do a McCall’s pattern, the jacket and skirt from the archieve collection is a great choice.

    If the pattern is from Vogue, one of the designer patterns would be a better choice.

  2. Personally, I would love to find a sew-along for the Chanel inspired cardigan jacket with all the quilted lining, chain hemline and the whole gamut. It is something that I have wanted to sew for a long time but there is a bit of fear holding me back. And Vogue has two gorgeous patterns that fit the bill, Vogue 8804 or Vogue 8991.

  3. I’d like to see a choice of all levels…beginner, intermediate, advanced! Is there one pattern that could fit all three levels?
    I would also like a sew along for the Vogue sloper!

    1. Love this idea! Identifying three patterns that are similar but at different skill levels would be a great way to encourage sewists of all levels to participate!

    2. I third this option.

  4. I would like a sew along for Vogue 1404, after you showed the inside details It would be nice to see a step by step demo 🙂

  5. I’ll sew whatever you decide on, as I so appreciate your efforts to establish a dialogue with your customers. It’s important to make project #1 accessible to a large variety of levels so I suggest a blouse or dress with less fitting requirements. I’d love though, a tailored blouse sewalong sometime.

    1. I second all of Mary’s suggestions.:)

      1. I agree with Mary. 🙂 I also want to say that I think it’s awesome that you have this blog. Thank you so much!

  6. I selected an ‘easy’ pattern in the survey… but reading through the other comments, I like the idea of a pattern that has some interesting details that are optional. Thinking of Vogue 1381, for example: the Rucci dress with the quilted yokes and band. The lines of the pattern would be lovely even without the quilted yoke, so anyone who wanted to sew it without doing that step could do so.

    Now I’m torn. But excited about the many, many possibilities.

  7. If McCalls is suggesting a sew along, shouldn’t it be a MCCALLS pattern? I vote for the new archive skirt pattern..sorry, not keen on the jacket. But perhaps if I saw a different version in better fabric choice I may like it better??

    1. Kristine, the McCall Pattern Company owns McCall’s, Butterick, Vogue Patterns and Kwik Sew.

  8. I would rather do a more advanced to get along the way like. Claire Shaeffer jacket.

  9. I would rather do a more advanced to get help along the way like. Claire Shaeffer jacket. — playing with puppies n typing does not mix lol

  10. Sept/Oct is not great for me as I got a NYC fabric shopping trip to plan! But I’d join the sew along if it’s a more interesting sewing pattern than the bog standard designs. Too many sew-alongs seem to be aimed at beginners. So I’ve rarely been tempted. On the other hand, other sew-alongs seem so laborious that I’m also put off. So something in between – maybe an interesting details / silhouette that’s fashionable but doesn’t take too much effort would be a great start for McCall/Vogue/Butterick sew-along. I think I’d prefer one of the designer patterns just because it’d be unique to M/V/B, what with your access and insight to the designer originals. Most other sew-alongs won’t be able to offer that. But I’d vote against a Chanel style jacket as the first sew-along since it’s already well-covered by other detailed sew-alongs. A more contemporary designer would be great.

  11. Levery sew a long I’ve seen gas been for so.ething relatively easy, like a dress or blouse. Two exceptions come to mind: Colette’s Walden jacket, and the little French jacket as done in Susan khalje’s class. I’m hoping for a sewalong that is for something challenging–either pants with lots of advice on fitting, or a tailored jacket, or one of those super popular rucci patterns you were just talking about. My preference would be his coat. 🙂

  12. I would love to do one of the Vogue designer patterns–specifically the new Ralph Rucci coat pattern. This has such interesting lines. Is there a way to scale it for petites? I also love the DKNY and Donna Karan patterns, so any one of those would be great, too.

  13. My favorite Sewalaong would be with one of the new Ralph Rucci patterns. I very much like his designs but the patterns look a bit intimidating, so getting more advice and tips would be great.

    1. I agree. The Rucci coat is one I intend to make sometime soon. And online help would be great.

  14. I think a sew along for one of the always challenging Issey Miyake tops would be perfect. They are like origami puzzles at times and it would be nice to follow someone else working on one. Perhaps one of his tops would be the way to start. Thanks for asking.

  15. I wouldn’t mind doing a sewalong. I don’t know how you will pull this off with all the different skill levels unless you do one on 3 different levels. Then another decision would be which pattern brand to use. As a newbie I would not attempt a Vogue pattern unless it was simple. You are not going to please everyone but I’m willing to try and learn.

  16. I,m mostly interrested in the plus size models. I would love to see what others make off the same plus size patttern en what is possible whith little changes.

  17. Can you please add a “subscribe by email” option to your blog?

    1. Yes, that’s a good idea and we will try to get this feature up soon.

  18. While a lot of your customers are in the U.S, I think a challenge should also consider those of us in other countries – we may not be in the same season as you, or may not have access to the current patterns that you have released in the U.S. So, for instance, if a shirt, make sure it is more classic, still current, with options for long/short sleeves and different weight fabrics.

    1. Good input, Sarah Liz.

  19. I am new to the computer sewing world. But like Mccalls I`m willing to try. I would like a sew along because I live out in rural America I don`t have a sewing friend, but I am reading a few blogs on the web. I have been sew several pants patterns for better fitting “blue jeans” and denim skirts. Anne Klein 1167 the pants work really well for a dress jean or dress pant for me. I have made a Channel type denim jacket to go, But I would like a pocket denim jacket but casual and classic. Is that possible? A sew along I think is something I`d like to try. I like the new blog

  20. I’d rather do a more advanced pattern for a sew-along. Perhaps a tailored jacket or coat (with all of the fixings: advanced tailoring techniques).

  21. I love Butterick pattern B5780 or Vogue V8355 for a “rich” look and style.

  22. V8943 would be perfect in anticipation of the holidays!

  23. I’m not free until mid October (pesky uni exams). I would be interested in most garments but the most useful to my lifestyle would be a sheath dress with boatneck and 3/4 sleeves, a blazer and a coat. I’m also in Australia but I don’t mind the time delay 🙂 I would prefer intermediate to advanced. Thank you!

  24. A sew-along would be great fun on top of being educational. How about two, one easy/intermediate and a second one for advanced sewists. That way beginners wouldn’t get discouraged and drop out or worse yet decide sewing is too hard for them.

  25. I have never participated in a sew-along and would love the chance to do so. I would enjoy anything you choose. The more I can learn the better!

  26. I love tailoring, so anything that touches on those skills would be wonderful in my book. There are always new techniques to try. I really will probably participate with just about any type of garment as I did enjoy the one sewalong I participated in.

  27. I’m with Erica on this one….picking a more complex pattern (a lined jacket would be perfect). I need to sew a blazer for fall, I know a lot of sewing short cuts I just need to use them. I also have some great fabrics suitable for a blazer. Time to tear myself away from the jerseys and knits!!! Call it the “Force Quit” button for knits over and over. LOL

  28. That should be the “Force Quit” button for sewing knits over and over.

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