We Love Being a Part of Weddings

Bride (Allie) wearing the wedding gown she made herself using Butterick 5748.

This is something that makes us really happy: when brides sew their wedding gowns using one of our patterns. Allie of the blog The Liveaboard Takes the Suburbs just posted about making this dress for her recent wedding, and she used one of our patterns, Retro Butterick 5748.

Bride (Allie) wearing the wedding gown she sewed using B5748, a Retro Butterick pattern.
Here’s Allie twirling in her wedding dress, Butterick pattern B5748.
Bride (Allie) wearing the dress she made, B5748, at her wedding.
Love this photo of Allie and Greg!

I think it’s a fair assumption that the McCall Pattern Company (Butterick, McCall’s and Vogue Patterns) has dressed more brides over the years than any other pattern company. We love that we’ve been a part of this important day for so many women.

Vintage Vogue dress V1084 made into a wedding gown.
This bride’s aunt made this gown for her, using Vintage Vogue V1084. Dreamy.
vintage wedding gown patterns from the McCall Pattern Company
If you visit our “Vintage Pattern Catalog Pages” board on Pinterest, you’ll find more pins of our vintage wedding gown patterns.

I have a daughter and I sew, but she says I will not be making her wedding dress. (Mind you, her future wedding is still years away.) She says I’m too much of a perfectionist when it comes to sewing, and that if I did make her dress I’d be fixated on all the little mistakes in it that only I can see. My daughter knows me so well.

Would you ever make a wedding gown, for yourself or your daughter? Or maybe you’ve sewn one already and lived to tell the tale. Leave a comment here and tell us your thoughts on making a wedding gown. Thanks for stopping by!

We’ve been sewing since 1863.

  1. Oh, that is just lovely! Alexandra looks so beautiful, and it’s really a great dress.

    I really wish I’d known how to sew when I got married- I could’ve had a dress that suited me much better than the puffy, over-the-top gown my mom convinced me to buy! Although, on second thought, after the massive stress of sewing bridesmaid’s and MOB dresses for my sister’s wedding, maybe it’s for the best that I didn’t attempt that for my own!

  2. I love Allie’s dress! I’m actually planning on making my own wedding dress! It’s kind of a daunting task, but it’s only one in a life time (I hope) that I’ll get to make my own dress. I’m also planning on making my bridesmaids and flower girl dresses too.

    1. I made my gowns (for each of my two weddings) but I’d balk at making bridesmaids gowns. I think the fitting of them would be the major hesitation. Making formal gowns is such fun – I was involved in music in high school and the concert dress was a formal dress (this was in the 1970s) and I made all but one of those dresses. Later in life I made Bill Blass V2767 from 1991 out of black velvet and a blue lame (not sure of spelling – a light very sparkly blue fabric). Have fun with your dresses!

  3. So pretty! I can’t imagine trying to make my own gown with everything else going on, and I had a pretty simple wedding!!

    In my family it’s a tradition that the MOB makes the wedding gown, so my mother made my wedding dress out of a Butterick pattern. I don’t think it was a wedding dress though, it was more of a faux medieval costume type gown (2 pieces) with off the shoulder sleeves. I’d love to find a copy of it for fun, but can’t remember the number.

  4. My mom made my wedding dress! She begged me to find a store bought one, but I couldn’t find the simple dress I wanted. She did a beautiful job! Now I totally understand her hesitation, though. The thought of Making my girls’ dresses in the future makes me nervous too, eek!

  5. Thank you so much for featuring my dress on the blog! 5748 is one of my favorite patterns. 🙂

  6. I have been married twice – I made both of my wedding gowns, and both from Vogue patterns. Sadly, I don’t have the pattern number of the first gown – it was a long formal gown, v neck, big puffed sleeves (an alteration to the pattern) and an absurdly long train that would have been longer had my maid of honor, also a seamstress, hadn’t seen the look in my eyes and just said, “NO.” The second gown was from V2425 (unable to paste pic of pattern envelope). The pattern is from 1990. It has a shawl collar, I used a cream/gold/light pink brocade fabric. The fabric for the dress was a cream colored satin underlined with a pink taffeta – it changed the cream satin to a champagne color and if I say so myself, the effect was stunning. I made it as a tea length gown and added long sleeves as this was a winter wedding.

    I have a son so I don’t think I’ll be making any more wedding gowns! I loved making them!

  7. I have a daughter, and I won’t be sewing her wedding dress either – for the exact same reason you won’t. In fact she was nervous to bring it up and ask if we could please buy her dress. I am pretty relieved, to tell you the truth! I think I will enjoy taking her shopping, and I think she will be engaged fairly soon, too.
    The brides in this post are beautiful!!

  8. My mother and I made my wedding dress from a 1983/84 Butterick pattern. (Sadly, I don’t have the pattern number.) It was a sleeveless cocktail-style dress with a separate obi sash at the waist. We used a silk dupioni in royal blue and orchid, the kind that looks one color from one direction and a different shade from another. (I loathe standard bridal wear.) I still have the dress and it is completely in style today–if only I were still small enough to wear it!

  9. When I was married 50 years ago I made this dress out of a wool mohair Now I would like to copy it using a lace fabric for the anniversary party.

    1. I love that idea, Barbara, of recreating your handmade wedding dress for your 50th anniversary. Only a seamstress gets to do that!

  10. I made my daughter’s wedding dress using Butterick Retro Pattern #5605. I was scared and excited at the same time. Since the pattern was not a wedding dress pattern I had to make an addition of a strapless bodice under the dress bodice that was made of lace. It was a big undertaking but she wanted a one of a kind dress and I was glad that I could do it for her. I spent many late nights working on it but it was all worth it when I saw her walking down the aisle! She was beautiful in her custom made dress!

    1. You are braver than I am! But I’m sure this dress will always be special to her because you made it.

  11. I made my wedding dress last year from Vogue 8150. It wasn’t perfect (due to my admittedly “intermediate” sewing skills), but it WAS exactly what I wanted. It made me so happy that I had the ability to create something just for me on my big day 🙂

    Photos and sewing details here: http://www.engineersotherlife.com/search/label/wedding

  12. I made my own wedding dress using v1944. I’m getting married in April next year, so haven’t worn it yet (except to show friends and family). Simple and elegant.

  13. Oh they’re so gorgeous! I can’t wait to make my wedding dress, I keep changing between a short 60’s shift or a long 70s gown! Whatever I choose I’ll definitely splash out on nice lace and silk and what not!

    1. Right, fabric is always key. Don’t skimp!

  14. My mom and I made my wedding gown almost 23 years ago. It was an adventure of love, laughs and tears during the 2 weeks of sewing. I wouldn’t have traded that time with her for anything. It was and still our special bonding time when we sew.

    1. Oh, I love that…

  15. Those are such beautiful gowns. I have 4 daughters, two are married and I did not make their dresses. I probably will not make the other’s dresses either. It would make me so nervous and overwhelmed. I admire all of those who do make the dresses, what a labor of love.

  16. Beautiful gowns. I made my sister’s wedding dress when I was 25 and knew nothing! 🙂
    I don’t have the pattern but would remember it if I saw it and used it to copy an Australian designer one she wanted. They had no money so I bought the fabric for her too.. I remember it cost $120 from Gardam’s in Queen St Brisbane. That was a LOT of money because at the time I think I was making $80 a week! She loved it and looked good in it but I was lucky she was nearly a perfect size 12 (although when I look at the photos with my more experienced eye, I see adjustments that needed to be done). From memory, it wasn’t even lined!

  17. I sewed both of my wedding dresses and the bridesmaid dresses for the first wedding.

  18. While I made my own gown I did not make either of my daughter’s. Daughter number one was sent on a quest to find the perfect gown for me to copy. She did. It was so perfect and reasonably priced I plunked down the plastic and was done with it! Daughter #2 eloped! My own gown and headpiece was a copy of a Dior wedding gown and veil that I saw in the Designer Salon of Filene’s back in the day. Loved to hang out in there!

  19. That bottom photo with the vintage patterns? My mom made the second one from the right for me at my 8th grade graduation in 1984.

  20. I made my wedding dress! I auditioned quite a few patterns before deciding which to use. It was such a fun project. I detailed some of the process on my blog a while back.

  21. Both dresses are beautiful! So nice to see Allie featured here. I sometimes wonder if I’d make my own wedding gown. I’m also a perfectionist and I’ve heard it can be stressful, but it seems so tempting!

  22. Yes, I did sew my wedding gown. At the time, I sewed all of my dresses/ skirts, so I would never consider purchasing it. The time spent sewing the lace trim & details on by hand was very relaxing! My drawstring handbag matched my long gown. A few years later my sister & I sewed her wedding gown. Both were exactly what we wanted & fit very well!

  23. I made both mine & my daughters wedding dresses. Mine was short with a very lightweight wool & lace overlay (married Dec 28th) but my daughters was strapless made from satin & chiffon. There were not many patterns in the style she wanted so started with a strapless dress & made a muslin with MANY changes. It turned out beautiful (thankfully) & she looked gorgeous. It was my first garment with boning.

  24. I made my daughter the wedding dress she and I had designed while she was a teen. She married at age 26. I used three different patterns to get the one she wanted. It was perfect. Oh, and I had 6 weeks to get it done. I believe it is in my facebook pictures.

  25. I made my own wedding dress last year from the Elisalex pattern from By Hand London. The inside finishing is quite atrocious and it could have fit better, but I remember being so proud at the time 🙂

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